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What Makes Twin Flame Fitness Different?

Twin Flame Fitness takes a holistic approach to your fitness and wellness. You are a whole person – there are days you move better than others, days where sleep can be a factor, and times of your life where you need a change. We employ CrossFit methodologies, dedicated weightlifting or endurance days, corrective exercise, specialized yoga for athletic recovery and athletic balance, primal movement; when ready, we discuss and support our clients in lifestyle changes including nutrition, meditation, finding balance in life, and holistic life coaching. We believe that you are at your best when you are living authentically – NOT as others expect you to live. We are not scared off by a diagnosis, “dis”ability, weight, height, strength, experience or your life choices. We get to know you and see your strengths, work on your challenges and fully explore your potential. After all, what you think… you BECOME.

To everything there is a season; while CrossFit is performed at high intensity, sometimes “intensity” is best defined as a slow boil! CrossFit has a reputation for being hard and fast – sometimes around here, that’s true too! Both are equally challenging.

While not always glamourous, moving slower with more control will allow you to make progress that defies time, have more training options available to you, come to understand your own body better, and mitigate your risk for injury long term.

While adults of all ages and abilities are in our CrossFit and yoga classes, we also have dedicated “CrossFit Masters” classes on our schedule for those who are 45+ years of age; we recognize your unique needs and sense of shared community.

Coaching/client relationships are key here; everyone’s entitled to a hard day, but here we do not want bad attitudes, rude dispositions, ego-driven competitiveness. If you care more about your “score” than the work you just did, you’re in the wrong gym.

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